About Us

Our History

Pudsey Carpet & Bed Centre was established in 1988. It was set up by Clive Wilkinson at the young age of 24 and his wife Julie. They have served Pudsey and all their flooring needs for many years gone and many years to come. In 2009 James, their son joined the team, even before his professional experience he has been around the trade his entire life spending many of the summer holidays out with his Dad learning the craft from a young age. Now he is fully trained to the highest standards and is now out and about fitting full time and with an apprentice of his own, Charley. He has been with us since January 2016.

In October 2015 they opened a bed department within the store which serves every type of bed for any budget from Stock beds to Special offers and even handmade that are made-to-order. Now situated in the old palace picture house or Pasadena Bingo on Lowtown Pudsey. They have vastly renovated the building to bring back some traditional character and improve the heritage of the building and the local area.

We hope to see you soon for any flooring or bed needs. We wish you all the best, from the team, Pudsey Carpet & Bed Centre.

Our Building


Pudsey Carpets original building 1909
This is our building 107 years ago after being burnt down and put out by firefighters in 1909. It used to be two individual shops which one was believed to be a joiners.


Pudsey Carpets Palace Pictures 1911
This is the building when it was rebult after the fire in 1911. It was converted to Palace Pictures with a second floor added and an overlooking balcony which still remains to this day!


Pudsey Carpets building 2016
This is the current building taken in January 2016, it has been renovated entirely but we wanted to keep the sense of history with our building so we still have the very same balcony and even the decorative mouldings from the building over 100 years ago! We plan to renovate the building further to give us a further 3000sq ft in the close future including a second floor but still keeps the amazing history that we have always had.

Open six days a week

Our new showroom in Lowtown, Pudsey has a vast range of carpets on offer from all the major manufacturers.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

09:15 AM - 5:00 PM




10:00 AM - 4:00 PM